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Lip Oil

Lip Oil

Once you use a lip oil, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on! Unlike your regular hair oil, lip oils do specifically target your lip care needs giving you a crack-free pout.

Lip oils are usually made with a concoction of different oils that only have great intentions for your lips. They help nourish and hydrate your lips from within.

They soothe irritated and chapped lips while making them appear plump and juicy. They also protect your lips from the sun’s wrath because you know, sunburnt lips are painful as hell!

 Apart from keeping them moisturiz7ed, they also help retain their natural pink color. Just apply it before going to bed and wake up with nourished, rosy lips.

 You can also use your lip oil as a high-shine gloss! Apply it on your bare lips or over your lip colour to bewitch everyone with the glossiest smile, ever!

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